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 The following rows are examples of connecting multi-media files to this Google Sites version of the church Website. The goal here is to have an easy way to link files. This way John and Ann (and others with the permission and password) can upload content to the church website. Hopefully that will keep thing more up to date.

Victor not a Victim

Something To Think About: A One Minute Radio Show. The video on the left is "Victor not a Victim" about Carol K.

This is a short audio file that is easy to link. The player to the left was attached as a gadget using "insert -> more gadgets" and then searching on "mp3 player varal". The audio file was uploaded to the web site and then the properties on the gadget were adjusted to play the file. Files can also be linked for download by copying the link from the ARC File Cabinet page using a download URL like this. That URL was simply copied from the ARC File Cabinet page.

WORD FM Interview

WORD FM interview with John Holmes.

This is a 13MB file. Unfortunately the file size appears to be limited to 20MB. This is not large enough for the church sermons. This is the one area that I have not been able to make work on the Google Sites development platform. See row below for a further explanation.
Audio files cannot be larger than 20MB. The above interview is only 13MB (the typical sermon audio is too large). This was a row where I was unsuccessful at uploading the sermon titled "Heartburn on the Road" from 4/19/2009Jesus exposes spiritual dysfunction. They were “Slow of heart to believe.” Their unbelief is a heart problem, not just an intellect problem. The light of God’s Word warmed their hearts and Jesus opened their eyes. Sermon by Dr. John D. Holmes 
For the children's page, Ann can attach PDF files to the website easily. See the description in the box to the right.
Attaching Files is easy as long as they are less than 20MB. I have attached a Children's Page for Luke 14:25-35 on the bottom of this page. These files can also be linked along with descriptive test like I am doing in this box.
 Next I will set up a separate web page for the children's pages. This seems like an easy solution so the children's pages can be published more easily.
 Youtube will work fine for videos (that are 10 minutes or less). A single video can be embedded using Google Sites like here. Or a direct link to any Youtube video can be done like the one here.
 Longer videos will need a different solution.
 Picasa is used for photos.
 Picasa photos can be embedded (like the slide show at the bottom of this box) or linked to Picasa from Google Sites.

Individual photos can also be linked. Like here...

Worship Facility

 Dedicated pages can easily be developed for special occasions using templates and the Picasa software. That was done for the facilities here and the people here.
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