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Interdenominational Church

We are not affiliated with any denomination, and we welcome people from various church traditions. We have a high regard for our statement of faith, the Westminster Confession of Faith, believing that it faithfully, although not comprehensively, expresses the teaching of the Bible. Yet, it has authority only in so far as it reflects accurately what the Bible teaches.  We believe that creeds written by councils of godly men may err; therefore, they are not the final authority in matters of conduct and faith because only the Bible is without error. So above all, we are a Bible believing body of Christians.

We agree with other branches of Christ's Church that believe the Bible on the central issues of the Gospel contained in the Apostles' Creed and The Nicaean Creed. Our beliefs flow out of the rediscovery of Biblical truth in the Protestant Reformation.  Many statements of belief like the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgian Confession, the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion of the Episcopal Church, the Baptist's Philadelphia Confession, the Cannons of Dort, and our Westminster Confession of Faith agree substantially in most areas of our Christian faith.  These statements of faith may differ in the way to govern the church, the way to baptize, and the way to relate to Governments, but all agree about the way of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone and in the essential doctrines of Christianity.

We welcome people of varying beliefs and spiritual perspectives. We are convinced that classical christianity still has relevance in the 21st century and we enjoy considering our faith as it relates to the rigors of authentic human experience. Our communing members must demonstrate a creditable profession of their Christian faith and baptism. 

We believe that the Bible teaches the pattern of church leadership giving only the most spiritually mature the decision making roles. All our ordained officers must demonstrate a mature Christian life, must meet the specific requirements of 1Timothy chapter 3 and Titus chapter 1, believe the full inspiration of the Bible and be in agreement with our statements of faith.